Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doctor-Patient Relationship In Nepal

Well looking at the present situation, I doubt if people now have the same respect for doctors as it used to be before.

I can’t tell exactly the situation in other countries and rural areas of Nepal; but for sure in the urban areas ---- the patient-doctor relationship is definitely worsening day by day. The present situation in Nepal where anyone can do anything breaking the rules, regulations etc. is a key contributing factor to this situation.

Well another significant contributing factor is the growing tendency of giving compensations in case of death of a patient on being accused by the patient party of a wrongdoing by the doctor in absence of any investigations.  Well, this trend is going on very fast and this is definitely taking the relationship to a negative side.

 Also there are many examples(heard on the radio or read in the newspapers or seen on television) where a doctor gets some beatings(sometimes has risk of his own life too)  by the patient party  in case of natural patient’s death in spite of all attempts by the doctor to save the life of the patient. Moreover this act of giving compensations in any matter could make few doctors feel less responsible towards their job.

 All this hampers the mutual faith and understanding between the doctor and the patient thus at last the treatment may not be as effective as it could be. For a patient, it has been said that the words and touch of a doctor eases the pain by 50 percent and the rest 50 percent by drugs.

What’s the solution???  From my point of view, the only remedy is the strong implementation of rules not only to be written----as happens with many cases in our country. There must be strict rules regarding the punishment to be given to the patient party for ill-treating/beating the doctor depending upon the injury sustained by the doctor. Also rules must be made for penalizing the doctor concerned in case there’s found to be some wrongdoing from the doctor’s side too.

This matter is important because the main base for good doctor-patient relationship is TRUST and if such things happen the trust can’t be built on…….…….


AW said...

thought provoking post :)

Durga Dhungana said...

thanks aishaa for the's the relation in your country???

ABCDesiGirl said...

What year are you in medical school? In the states we have 2 years of coursework, 2-3 years of clinicals, then residency.

Durga Dhungana said... girl, m just finished my mbbs years and waiting for the results...well we have 2 years of basic sciences then 2 and half years of clinical sciences. After passing the finals, then we have our 1 year of internship...

Anonymous said...

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