Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook and its impact on me

Well, how to start!!    Just wanted to know the day I joined facebook as to know my bondage years---first I tried by a facebook application named “When did you first visit facebook?” It came June 2008 but I felt it wasn’t the exact one (as always happens with most of facebook applications as they are for fun only) and so I checked my hotmail for “Confirmation mail of joining facebook and then I got the exact date as “JUNE 07 “ And it has been about 4 years  of friendship with facebook.

From then to now, much has changed with facebook and with me also but one thing has grown my crave for facebook. Initially, from once in 3 months to once in 30 minutes in laptop and once in 3 minutes (in mobile when there’s load-shedding) simply says how much I love facebook.

Many  say  facebook is just a wastage of time, it may hold true for them but for me it is just a friend to me and would never be my master.
Facebook has given me:
Ä A time to spent when alone.

Ä An opportunity to meet my childhood friends (if facebook wasn’t there; may be I wouldn’t have known about them also)

Ä A time to keep myself away from watching the same hindi movies again and again and the worthless TV serials.

Ä A platform to share things.

Ä New ideas and new friends

Well to summarize the impact of facebook; I entitled facebook the award of best buddy of mine of year 2010.
Thanks facebook

Stay in touch…..



AW said...

hehehehe ... i thot i wrote it .. im same about fb but fb gave me one more thing which is missed here .. ;p and im nt doclosing here.
otherwise it's same to my story on fb :p

Durga Dhungana said...

i think i know wat u want to say.....u met someone special i guess...AM I RIGHT??????

dexcerpah said...

Facebook...the name says it all. It has been like a book that has been stuck to my face or lets say eyes in particular.
If we go on conversing about facebook,the world may come to an end but the chat won't still finish. Facebook has created such an impact on all of us,we can hardly think of being without it. In fact, facebook is where all mah frenz resides.
Lovely article. Keep writin'.

Durga Dhungana said...

Well said dexcerph and thanks.....

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