Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Tudikhel----Chyangra bazar of Pokhara.....

I wish all of Nepalese----residing in Nepal and outside Nepal very  happy dasain 2068. I regard dasain as the festival of

  • Togetherness---when u meet your near and dear ones you have been missing for a long time….
  • Happiness---it provides immense happiness to all
  • Eating—I don’t know why but during dasain its special to take selroti and meat—I LOVE THIS COMBINATION….(this point may not be accepted by all)
Talking about dasain and the way its celebrated and the feeling within us-----Well when I was a child,  dasain  was equivalent to--
new clothes, money, long holiday and visiting mamaghar . On the other side as an adult now---its in the changed form of rest from hectic job for few days,  meeting Childhood school frens, College frens—having small get togethers  and u think if u could get long holidays just like in school time and so on.

Well  as a child or as an adult what holds common to me is that  I regard Dasain as a festival to forget the sorrows and enjoy the joys life has given us……….SO ENJOY TO THE FULLEST…………

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