Wednesday, December 21, 2011


For me through my internship period till today (10 months of internship), the drug that I have found to be a sort of magic is 50% dextrose. 
Well, commonly patients land in ER brought by their relatives in a state of unconsciousness or altered consciousness the GCS being 5-8 /15.
 Just a brief history often reveals person is a chronic alcoholic and had alcohol the before night. At the same time, on doing GRBS, you get hypoglycemic reading (<60 mg%) at times I have also got as low as
18 mg% .  
Open the IV line and push 50% dextrose 50 ml.==== the effect is so rapid that the patient opens his eyes all of a sudden, stares here and there as if woken by someone from a deep sleep, he feels thirsty and looks around for water.

  I am now used to such patients and the response but I vividly remember my first encounter with such patient in ER and for me it was totally a MAGIC the response of patient (hypoglycemic-secondary to heavy alcohol intake and missing the meals) to 50% dextrose...

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